By: MOLLY CRANE-NEWMAN & RICH SCHAPIRO December 14, 16. 12:19

Hundreds of mourners squeezed into a Brooklyn church Tuesday to bid farewell to a city correction officer who was executed in a still-unsolved slaying.

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NEW YORK — A $50,000 reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter who gunned down a New York City correction officer as she sat in a car outside a Brooklyn home.

The Correction Officers Benevolent Association issued the reward, describing their slain colleague as a rising star in the department.

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"Tonight our correction family and the entire City of New York is shocked and grieving the horrific murder of one of the youngest members of New York City's Boldest, who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant while sitting in her car in Brooklyn. There are no words that can express the depth of this tragedy.

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Security officers used pepper spray 16 times this fall at the East River Academy, a group of schools for inmates aged 16 to 21, city Department of Correction officials said. They said it was much safer to break up fights with pepper spray than physical force. Further, violent incidents had risen after the department phased out solitary confinement for inmates under 22 years old over the past two years.

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By: The New York City Council December 8, 16. 16:34

The New York City Council Meeting

November, 14 2016

Committee on Fire and Criminal Justice Services

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