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What is COBA TV

COBA TV is a progressive up to date televised show that gives its viewer a unique inside view on the issues of the Department of Corrections regarding New York City Correction Officers and NYC jails.  This show helps to bring local and national exposure to all issues related to the Department of Corrections, keeping the correction officer community abreast on all things relative to its progress.  COBA Television is the very 1st televised news program focusing on hard-hitting topics concerning New York City Corrections Officers and inmates alike.  This show provides Real Talk, in Real Time, sticking to the facts and nothing else.

The Host of COBA TV and President of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, Elias Husamudeen  A seasoned Correction Officer of more than 28 years.  In all his years as a Correction Officer and an Executive Board Member, his commitment and dedication to duty is explicit.  He has conducted his responsibilities with integrity and discipline.  In 2010 he founded COBA Radio – “Real Talk, Real Time”, providing the opportunity for issues of the Correction Officers in New York City to be heard and recognized nationwide, joining the ranks of the few Unions hosting radio shows. The C.O.B.A. has set a tone for extreme care, professionalism and concern for its correction officers and their families.  COBA TV allows the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association to further promote equality and its genuine concern for Correction Officers, municipal labor unions and working class citizens in New York City.

Here at COBA TV we will provide the viewing audience the opportunity to witness direct conversations and interviews featuring a wide range of city and state government officials, politicians, officers, leaders and public advocates of political & cultural empowerment and progression, athletes, entertainers and a long list of influential tastemakers this nation has to offer.  It is a one of a kind televised program and media outlet for all things progressive regarding the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, the lives of New York City Correction Officers and their families.

More than your average news coverage, COBA TV explores the lives of the people who are responsible for the care, custody & control of inmates in all of the NYC Jails.   It gives the viewer better insight on all contract negotiations, changes in rules & regulations and much more.  It provides you with a closer look on the people who directly impact our communities, at the same time focusing on the real issues dealing with New York City Correction Officers and their families.  Keeping its viewers informed on union issues and how they affect the citizens of this city as well as nationwide.

On COBA TV you’ll get Real Talk, in Real Time. No exceptions!

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